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I picked up running late in my 36th year (2011) after not running more than a mile in my life (last time was MAYBE junior high).  After college, I had virtually no exercise and an extremely stressful job which ultimately cost me some of my eyesight.  Finally, my back hurt so bad, I was suffering from mild depression, and had chronic headaches. I had bought the book "Born to Run" for my wife who ran cross country for University of Colorado as I thought it might be a good idea for her to restart running as she suffered from massive depression after having 2 kids.

It worked for her, so I read the book and was inspired to try running to help my body.  I started and couldn't maintain a slow pace for even 1/4 of mile but that eventually got better. I became really motivated, especially because I was getting better fast. 

My first 10-k was 1:07:26 in 2012.  The faster I became the more I ran.  My first half marathon was 1:47:10 in 2013.  My finest and fastest race which was probably my peak was a 10 mile race at 1:16:54 (7:41s in 2014) with the exception of a few fast 5Ks.  I felt so good to celebrate, we decided to run 38-miles for our 38th birthdays in (2014).  I have only ran 1 marathon, Big Sur 4:08 (in 2015).

I've mostly have fun doing trail events (Snowmass Ragnar), paced my wife at Leadville. This year, I finally completed my first 50 Mile race, Last Call 50 (14:35:00).

I am looking forward to Antelope Canyon 50 mile next year.

Scott Kozney

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