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I live in Berkeley, CA and do most of my running/training on the trails in the East Bay regional parks. I started running midway through college, to get on the good side of my girlfriend's father. I started running marathons in my mid-20s and have a 2:50 PR at Portland in 1997. I also ran my one and only ultra in 1997, the Point Reyes 50K (now known as the Tamalpa Headlands 50K). My last marathon was in 2001 at Death Valley, where I suffered through 26 miles of GI distress with nothing but tumbleweeds to hide behind. Right around this time, I took 15-plus years off from training in any kind of serious way, for reasons too numerous and complex to go into.

Fast forward to the present ... I signed up to run two 50Ks this year, but those plans unfortunately were derailed by a stress fracture in my heel that is just now pretty close to back to normal. In lieu of running at North Face in November I most likely will volunteer in some capacity. If anyone here plans to run that race, let me know and I will look for you.

Short-term I am all about recovering from injury and doing everything I can to prevent future involuntary down time. Longer term, my goal is to complete one or more 50Ks and then gradually move up in distance.

If anyone here is ever out in the Bay Area and would like to explore the trails, I am a willing and enthusiastic guide.

Doug Fontaine
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