Nov 9, 2018

Running in Dallas over Thanksgiving week


Howdy MDRC members.


For those of you in the DFW Metroplex, is anyone interested/available to meetup for a run(s) over Thanksgiving week?

Tuesday, 11/20, I'll be in the Prosper area and could meetup anywhere in the Metroplex for a run.

Wednesday - Saturday I'll be in St. Jo, west of Gainesville, if anyone is up in that neck of the woods.

Sunday & Monday I'll be back in the Prosper area.



Nov 9, 2018

I'm actually going to be Dallas in and around the 26th, but will have to see when I can get away. My grandmother is having surgery so much needed family time. But If I can swing it we should all meet up for a run! maybe during one of your group runs @Sam ?

Nov 9, 2018

Bummer! I'm headed out on Nov 20th to visit my mom in upstate NY. I get back the evening of the 26th if anyone is available the following week!

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  • Hey Everyone just wanted to send out a reminder that Lauren and I will finally get to go on our Honeymoon next week! We will be gone 3/14-3/22. What that means is I will be taking a week long break from you guys and gals and enjoying time with my wife! If you have any questions or concerns about training during that week go ahead and ask soon and I will do my best to get to everything before we take off. I will also put a reminder in all of your logs. Thank you all so much for understanding. Let's keep rocking and rolling!!
  • **This is a long post but read carefully!** I think this would be very worthwhile for you guys to sign up for if this is something you are interested in, plus I've gotten us a discount code to use! I am looking forward to next year as i'm planning a team outing for one of these trips. Let me know what you think! Looking for a Destination Run in 2019? Many of the most spectacular trails in the United States are located deep inside our nation’s wilderness areas. There will never be “races” in these places, but they are open to adventure. So, if you’re interested in run-exploring backcountry trails, check out Aspire Adventure Running. Aspire has partnerships and permits with some of the West’s most iconic National Parks, including Yosemite, the North Cascades, and Mt. Rainier to organize single and multi-day adventure runs. Their trips are divided into stages where runners only carry a light vest across gorgeous and remote backcountry terrain. While you are out on the trail, the Aspire crew are busy shuttling gear that will be waiting at the next camp. Each basecamp is loaded with hot showers, hammocks, bonfires, and spectacular meals featuring gourmet burgers, grilled salmon, fresh salads, dutch oven cobblers, and of course a cooler full of drinks. The food and camaraderie are spectacular. Aspire is gearing up for their 5th operating season. Whether you're looking to run the Wonderland Trail, try your first multi-day stage across the North Cascades, or simply want to retreat to the San Juan Islands for a weekend of beach camping and trail running, they’ve got you covered. For more information on their project check out Use coupon code: MDRC to receive $100 of any multi-day stage run or $50 off a weekend adventure. Message me for any other details!


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